Who We Are

NTS is a Canadian owned and operated, provider of freight audit, freight payment and traffic management services.
Our systems and processes eliminate frequent occurring billing errors, ensuring our clients do not over pay carriers. We allocate according to your fiscal reporting needs and financial requirements. We generate and allocate based on each client’s reporting need and financial requirements.
No task is too small, too large or too complex!

Our online applications which have been designed to make your job easier
Applications include:

  • NTS E-Claim System
  • Online Dispatch
  • Rate Shopper
  • Freight Bill Verification
  • Online Data Query
  • Online Reports

A Visit at NTS

‘Twas the Friday before Christmas, when all through the firehall
Not a creature was stirring, no Triggs or Chris at all.
The first employees piled in quietly with care
And Wanda and Praful were already there.
While the 9-5 staff were still snug in their beds
The 8 and 8:30s were scratching their heads.
At 9 in they came with their coats, gloves and cap
Five minutes later came Maria with a greeting and back clap.
When atop the hall stairs arose such a clatter
Everyone turned their heads to see what was the matter.
Away from the gate the cat flew with a flash
While Lorna grimaced at the sound of the smash.
Vidhita stood at the stairs with a tea in her cup
The other hand trying to hoist the gate back up.
Dana scurried upstairs to make her second tea,
Followed by Pina, and then Audrey.
“Are you ready for Christmas?” asked Pina, with delight.
“Not even close, and I’ve been wrapping all night!”
Down the hall you could see Matt waving his arms in the air,
Marissa gave him a chuckle, leaned over and said
“What, are you going to rip the hair off someone else’s head?”
Back downstairs, David was picking another song
And Ashley, an episode that wasn’t too long
Before they knew it, it would soon be time for lunch
When we gathered upstairs to begin the Christmas munch.
Cierra, Sam and Jyoti went for a smoke in the snow
While Savio and Holly both had work on the go.
When, what to my wondering eyes would appear
It was almost 11, soon Marilyn and John would be here!
As time crept on, Todd took his turn outside
And Michelle had found out that her MP3 player died.
“It just couldn’t hold up for a little while longer?”
She asked as she went to see Kat for a charger.
Behind her Annie sat printing away
Because Jacob finally approved a bunch of invoices “Oh yay”
And right then, it happened, 11:30! Now or never!
Swiss Chalet was here and Lorna was ready as ever.
The staff hustled upstairs to get their hands on some yums
Until they were filled to the tips of their tums
And they moaned and they groaned about being so stuffed
But overall everyone was feeling right chuffed.
I’m sure that Audrey would be pleased with that rhyme,
It would make her think of home and family time.
But family time is now too, and we’re all here together
Gathered around our friends, and the cat, in the snowy Orangeville weather.
We see each other more often than I could say in rhyme,
(Actually it’s 11,000 hours, that includes vacation time)
But what I’m trying to say is that we have grown close
And I’ve shared lots of amazing memories with you folks.
Even though my heart is 2 sizes too small,
From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you all.
We have Secret Santa every year, and we swap each other’s gifts
Which brings out the smiles in even the Grinch.
From baking new things on foodie holidays,
To cake and celebrating everyone’s birthdays,
Even when it’s just one of those regular days
This building is so special in so many ways.
We’ve given hundreds of children gifts through the years
Thanks to Marilyn and John and the staff’s holiday cheer.
We’ve had a beautiful bridal shower and said sad goodbyes
Bared losses in our families and tears in our eyes.
We are more than an office, we are a team
And this visit to NTS has truly been a dream.
Now go, have some fun, get out of my sight


NTS Family