Freight Bill Payment

Set Of Personal ComputersFreight Bill Control System (FBCS) is NTS’ unique processing program specifically designed by our in-house IT. It is based on our extensive distribution, transportation, operational and accounting experience.

Our bill payment programs simplify data processing while being able to capture and retain all needed information. We’re able to issue one cheque to many carriers; generate comprehensive cost allocated reports electronically or in paper format and eliminate extensive financial coding requirements, all while paying carriers in accordance with your objectives and control cash outflow. NTS generates complete remittance advises and detailed reasons for short payments all while addressing any carrier queries.

We also know that each client will have specific needs and requirements; we are always willing and able to make modifications to address your particular needs. We also make sure that our web based inquiry system allows clients to view the status of any of their transactions.

NTS can do what your company needs! We would be happy to provide you with a sample package using your data!