Freight Claim


E-Claim is our web based solution to the normally paper intensive claims process filed for shortages and damages coming from or to your various branches and customers. E-Claim requires limited initial input by the consignee or DC.

Once an ‘Intent to Claim’ is filed with the carrier, and a request for inspection is made as required, E-Claim will follow up and request any further information needed to file the formal claim.

E-Claim is guided on specific timelines to ensure prompt response and settlement by the carrier responsible. The purpose of this program is to stop carriers from slowing the settlement process. If an event of non-compliance or slow-response from carriers happens, debit information will be generated to reduce payments to the carrier within the given timelines. This information will advise the carrier of the cost of the claim and can be used by the client to process the appropriate credit.

Information is held in the database for statistical and monitoring purposes as history builds. This system is designed to reduce the preparation of paperwork, to create the appropriate information flow to the carriers and speed up the entire process to a maximum of 60 days following delivery.